Welcome to the Adjustment Project

Hello Blogverse,

Welcome to the Adjustment Project! This is a project to document and comment on what life after university is like. And who better to write it than an university graduate? Right?

I know I didn’t graduate that recently, but there are a lot of things that I noticed and would like to comment on as part of this journey.There’s a lot of things that people don’t tell you about the during and the after. The focus is always on getting in and making that big life decision about what career you are going to pursue. Then while you’re there, there is the pressure to find a perfect job. No one, really tells you what comes after when you don’t land that perfect position or when you have to move home after being away for years and have to essentially start your life over. I want to share my raw truths about some of these experiences and write about some of the other experiences and side projects that I have found myself getting into of late.

So Cheers to The Adjustment Project! Cheers to learning to adjust to anything and everything that gets thrown our way. And Cheers to the hopefully big changes in the year to come!



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