Thoughts from Horizons

Place: Burnaby Mountain- Horizons

Six years ago just before my birthday I was in the home stretch to graduating high school helping out at my home club’s ice show and I in a moment of rash judgement invited a friend to watch. I wanted to share a little bit of my world with someone I was starting to really care about. No, there is not an ice rink on the mountain. There are ice rinks on other mountains. He took me there after the show to show me the view. To share a little bit of his world.

For a brief moment in the grand scheme of time, it was our place. And then it became no one’s place in my mind. Shortly after, I had moved away and towards Law School and quite frankly left a lot of my thoughts and memories back in Vancouver. It was just easier that way.

When I moved back to Vancouver I didn’t know what to do with myself and all these places and I worried about how the memories attached to them would make me feel. But I realized that the longer that I’ve been back in the city that I am not facing him (still undecided on how that would go) but I’m facing me.

When I lived in Australia, I loved having the ability to just stare up in the stars and the way it makes you feel. Here, living in a place with so much light pollution it takes an exceptionally clear night, driving far outside the city, or taking yourself up to the high points to see them. So that’s what I did.

I started to take back “our” places and make them “my” places. From time to time I go up there and watch the sunset over the city or look out over the dark water as they pass through the second narrows or just park my car and sit there watching the city lights flicker. And now, I no longer think of him when I’m there. I think of the moment I need the world to shut up and not feel like a little ant running around in this little ant hill. I let the view absorb all the thoughts racing in my mind and just let myself be still.

So now, it’s been six years since I first saw this view past the totem poles and the trees. And now it’s my place to go back to and be nothing but me in the moment.

Hopefully I’ll post a photo on my Instagram account soon to share this view with you all.



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