Before This

Before I started this blog, there were others and other attempts at consistently publishing content that spoke about my life or something I was into writing about at the time.

One of such attempts was a shared blog about going to university and what life after highschool was like and what it would be like to try and continue being friends with the same people who at the time I thought I would never lose. Flash forward to now. I have stopped writing for that blog (even though I kept it up the longest) and was unable to keep up a consistent schedule with all the life changes that were happening. Each one of us, one by one, stopped prioritizing making time to write and making time for each other. But I still feel there is some merit in what I wrote during those times. It is a brief window into what I was thinking, how awkward some of my writing was, and how much of a different person I was back then.

I’ve made the decision to post some of the content from this time period here so that when I write about those past experiences there is kind of a bench mark that can be referenced. Also, some of the things I’ve written in the past might be able to give someone reading them for the first time that never me t then that knows me now a good laugh.

Anyways, here is where you’ll find the things before this.


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