Identity Take 1

Back when we started the shared blog on Tumblr, we decided that the readers should get to know us before we started writing. One of the girls tasked us with writing a little blerb about ourselves at the time for our first post. At the time, this is what I thought people should know as a basis before I began writing. Apparently this was relevant information from recently high school graduated me… Let’s just say I have a different view of myself now than I did then. Many things included in this description changed even during the course of the time that I was actively writing for our blog. It annoyed me at the time that I couldn’t change the description or tags linking to my personal page as I grew as a person. In one of my next posts I will rewrite a description in a similar style to contrast the person I thought I was then and who I think I am now.

Happy Reading!

“Name: Ariana

Also Known As: The one that’s studying arts.

About me:

Who am I? Well that’s hard cause I am ever changing. Please ignore all further philosophical moments… I like music; many different genres. I write compulsively. I write fiction, and opinions, and whatever else comes to mind. I also read lots and many different genres too. I’m strong headed and am willing to argue my point. I am a “nerd” and proud of it. I was a competitive figure skater till I got injured but I still love sports.

This year I’m going UBC (faculty of arts). I was stuck in the private school system up until now so dressing myself everyday shall be a new experience because the friend I rely on for fashion advice is moving halfway across the world. I have quirks and get overly excited bout things so this is just a warning. I can be loud and quiet at the same time so selective listening is key to reading my writing. Good luck following our adventures.”


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