What I thought was the Begining

At the time when I wrote this post, there was a sense of contagious optimism. I was more than excited to start the journey of University and figure out who I was without the kind of structure that had predicated my life before. There was also a sense of naïvety. I thought that I wouldn’t lose my high school friends because they had stuck with me for five years of crazy and stressful times already. (Hint Hint, I rarely keep in touch with these girls anymore, but I have found some friends who are absolutely amazing and not just friends of convenience.)  I feel it is important to recognize that being excited for new beginnings while wanting to hold onto your current world order is natural at a young age. You don’t realize how big of a change you are making until you make it and it is often a realization of 20/20 hindsight. So here is young surprisingly optimistic me on the eve of starting University.

Also, shout out to everyone who witnessed my fashion sense in first year university.Over sized mens t-shirts, jeans, cardigans and bandage skirts… I only now feel like I’ve found a sense of style.

Happy reading!
“This is it! All the hard work, and sleepless nights have come to this… Come to adventures of acquiring knowledge, trying to find our purpose in life, and scrapping the past to start over again. What can I say- we are now entering a world where we won’t have one class together or a hallway to see each other in and complain about all the drama. This is when I know that we will make it through because even if we don’t have that one class or a locker to gather beside, we will still have each other. Cheers to starting this adventure with 3 great friends; my chosen family. Cheers to us! Let’s take this world by storm, and show them what we have to offer. Sending love and best wishes, Ari”


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