Nervous Excitement

This was written in the honeymoon phase of starting to university. I was still that keen straight A student who was completely focused on getting into the nitty gritty of studying. Not much had happened as of yet. I hadn’t even sat across the table from some of my current friends in our first class together.

This is also one of the first posts when I start to address the girls in the body of the text. This blog was supposed to be our way of keeping in touch so it only makes sense. At the time we started this blog, we chose to not go by our legal names. So each of the names you will see in the posts are not their legal names or mine, but they were our nicknames at the time. (Eventually I will write about nicknames and how people approach them.) In this mention, there was an attempt to joke about the resiliency of our friendship. Little did I know that there wasn’t going to be much resiliency for very long. It is natural for people to grow apart based on their situations. Even though as a reader you may feel like you are getting to know these girls and myself more, none of this is the whole story. And without the whole story, you will never know them like I did at the time. And quite frankly as a respect to their privacy, you will not.  I hope you as the reader can accept that.

Side note: Sometimes reading this back, I question how much I actually knew them and that’s why our friendships ended up falling apart.


Visits to our old high school at this stage were uncommon. Each of us wanted to leave that place behind for different reasons. Unfortunately, it would take me five years exactly to shake any obligation I had to the place since my sibling was only starting there that year. What kind of lie is it to look forward to going back to a place that made you so miserable for long enough? I don’t know but “shall be interesting” was an adequate feeling for the time.

Have a read for yourself. There isn’t much else I can say about this one.

“Hey girls! Oh My Gosh! I just had my first day at university today. Imagine at UBC was amazing, there was so much to do and see and the Pep Rally, wow just so much fun. Now it’s time to get serious. Classes start tomorrow so I’m starting to read my textbooks. It all scares me but I’m still super excited for the fresh start. This is my time to show people who I am without preconceptions and all that jazz.

Linka, it was great seeing you on campus today even though it’s gonna be a faculty war. At least science and arts are better friends than arts and commerce (sauder). Hopefully we will get to explore campus more otter together.

I’ve decided to go back and visit our high school this thursday. I need to pick up paperwork and scholarship stuff still. I’m also looking forward to seeing some of the teachers. Shall be interesting, that’s all I can say.

Hopefully I’ll update some new adventures and stories about some new crazy people.
Love you guys, miss you lots.


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