Uni Week 1 Survival?

At the time I was writing this, I thought this might have been an apt recap of my very first week at any university. Looking back, the view I have of my very first week of university is much more romanticized. I should have been writing about all the new places I found to study, my new group of friends that I spent every lunch with, or how I thought I was going to love my Arts One course, cohort and professor. But in my signature style I managed to speak about all the things that I could complain about instead of the good.

One thing about this post is that is truly abominable, much much worse than my complaining is my writing.  It’s not pretty. Grammar out the window. Punctuation is out the window. Over all fluency of writing is out the window. Quite frankly it is rather painful to read, and rather unfortunately, this is a a concurring theme throughout my older pieces. I am not sure if it is because I was having to write for a deadline or I was using all of the little talent that I have in my assignments that this is the case. I don’t know why these posts are so bad. I am trying to at the very least make these posts and all future original content posts better.


Really, good luck reading this one…

“Hi Girls, just wanted to say as par normal my life is gonna feel as fucked up as ever in about one week.

I’m surviving university, burying myself in a text book whether it be on the bus, at home, in the buchanan court yard, the rose garden, at home, or sitting in what i like to call the harry potter common room. bear with me as i lose all grammar skills and stop capitalizing things.


turns out that i can’t write in the present when i have to write in french. who writes in the present anyway? its’s all about what we did or what we are going to do, not what we are doing. there’s this site called “vista”…it works just as well as the windows vista operating system. so let’s just say it is a pain to log onto to do quizzes and to hand in assignments. Econ is proving to have my favourite prof. this week we get to buy and sell condoms… yup our example are all going to be about the buying and selling of condoms. scaring some of your students is one way to make them remember the lesson. as for arts one guess who’s back writing on genesis again. i really thought i’d escape this sort of stuff. oh well, here’s to a secular essay on a book from the bible. next week is the odessey…i’m screwed. i can never read the greeks. it just doesn’t happen for me. making friends at school has been interesting; there’s Olivia from Vermont, Enrico from Italy, Erica from Washington, Kelsey from Richmond, and Sidney from East Van (the only one who knows where ND is-she almost came but went to van tech i think). they’re all cool but most of them are on res so i haven’t found a bus buddy, and i still really miss seeing you guys everyday. campus still has all these events going on and i can’t wait till it just quiets down so i can sit outside to study without having a frat boy run me over just to miss his football anyway. i don’t think i’m gonna try out for cheer leading after all. i can’t act like a prep for 7 hrs a week or more. i’m going to the rowing information meeting tonight in about 1 hr. so let’s see if that sport will work for me as i want to do something to leave my mark in this big place.


went to visit the old school with Linka (i’m not sure if i told you already). got all the scholarship stuff and was given a warm welcome by some unsuspecting teachers. otherwise no additional outings have been made aside from work, school, and the occasional outing with Victor. i’m really trying to see Victor alot this week as he is leaving on monday for Poland. Via, you left me, and now him too! come on people we could have all shared an apartment here and gone to ubc together and been happy but no…now we have to find happiness this way by sending letters. i swear, if we get to do a year abroad(us at home) we will come to where you are (maybe) and share an apartment right down the block from you, and be our own little family and have you over for dinner and stuff. right now, i’m just surviving within my own family and know that some of us would be so much happier if we just moved away for a bit if not indefinitely. oh, i’m getting a bit of colour put in my hair soon so i owe that change to myself. i needed the change of this year and now need to learn to cope with it.

Girls, i love you, i miss you, and i know that i miss our slightly less than sane conversations.

Via, tell me what you want in a care package. it will be on your door step in early october(hopefully). thanks for the pics and stories girly, glad you’re having fun.

Linka, it will only get better hun. trust me, my phone almost met the same fate as yours today… we just need to survive the first few weeks then we’ll be fine. i hope to see you around more on campus.

Tasha, i haven’t heard or seen you much but i hope all is well. thanks for the help finding Linka. and oh not to be rude or anything but get your ass on hear and tell us a story!

love and bear hugs



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