October 2012

Now I know we are under 5 posts in on this old blog and all of you are probably thinking ‘shut the f&%k up about school already’ but that is what my life was. University was the most interesting thing about my life. I had absolutely no social life outside of lunch after class with my new classmates (and part of me probably thought it was rude to talk too much about my new friendships with my old friends). It wasn’t like I could talk about the great date my boyfriend had taken me on because he was doing university abroad. And no one wanted to hear about how I had a customer be super rude to me at the shop I worked at because that happens all the time and isn’t exciting. I had to find something to talk about that I wasn’t really talking about with other people so school was it.

The only classes I was really loving at this point was Arts One and Econ 101. My french professor ruined all the great work my high school french teachers had done in making me love the subject and excel in it. And the only reason I was taking languages outside of my entry Arts degree requirements was because I wanted them to be my minor. I remember hating him so much because he would make jokes in french to himself that had nothing to do with the topic and it frustrated the shit out of me that he wasn’t teaching me anything useful and I was having to learn it all by myself. I hated french because I had to sit in a room with him for 3 hours a week.

Outside of class I joined the debate society and actually got to go to Calgary to compete in my first competition as a novice. It was a good bonding experience overall. Aka I didn’t do very well at all and slept on a floor all weekend but I got to have milkshakes at one of the best places ever way past midnight and spend a whole weekend around people I was hoping would adopt me as a friend. I ended up sleeping on one of my friend’s couches at residence the night we got back because the bus didn’t get in until 4 am and we had 9 am class together and I would have been in no condition to make the commute back to my suburb and then back to class that same morning.

And yes, I have a love affair with coffee. It started in my final year of high school. First as a single cup on a sunday morning and then an afternoon pick me up to get me through 4+ hours of evening training and homework. Then in university it was the lunch time 12oz that followed me through the day from Blue Chip Cookies on campus. Back then it was $3.20 if you brought your own mug and got a muffin with it so sometimes that’s all I would eat for lunch with like an apple or something. Moving to Bond it would be instant coffee until I learned what a flat white was because Australian’s don’t believe in drip coffee and I was a poor uni student. Three pm coffee exoduses from the library or you know those days where you’re on your 4th one in the middle of exam season and this is sometime after 6pm when it is technically no longer acceptable to drink coffee without dessert.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Happy Reading.

“we have now entered the land of the living dead where coffee is the only thing used to resurrect us out of hades… i’ve been reading too many greek tragedies for my arts one course.

i’ve survived my first university exam and am now studying for the other one i have on tuesday. c’est mon examinan de francais et je detest mon prof… yes i’m getting cynical about the class with the language i love. oh, and i have an essay due on monday and a whole bunch of other shit i have to do before i leave for calgary. yes i said i’m leaving for calgary. i’m going to a debate competition which is sort of scary and really excited at the same time. i’m gone the weekend of the 21st so if you need to reach me i should have email. but ya, otherwise i’m not going to be in vancity cause i decided to try and join a club and step outside of my comfort zone.

i also ran for novice rep for debate but didn’t win the vote. when asked what makes me different from the other candidates, i sarcastically replied “do i look like any of them?” and ya… not such i bright move i guess. whatever, it was one of those things i told myself that i had to do, or i’d be kicking myself later for not doing it.

i don’t know what to say about home right now. i didn’t get t have a thanksgiving dinner at all cause i was at work and then working on work for school. so yup i’m pretty jealous of everybody who had some turkey and yams or whatever. i haven’t had time for myself lately and probably won’t for the foreseeable future. the only thing i’ve done for myself lately is get myself a black dress to wear to the banquet. it’s like the dress i’ve been sketching that you’ve all seen but it’s shorter and a different fabric than i imagined but whatever, i love it. i’ll try and post a pic either from calgary or when i get back and have time.

love you guys, but i have to get back to studying.

talk soon




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