October 2012

Now I know we are under 5 posts in on this old blog and all of you are probably thinking ‘shut the f&%k up about school already’ but that is what my life was. University was the most interesting thing about my life. I had absolutely no social life outside of lunch after class with … More October 2012

The Circles?

After the first month of university I felt pretty overwhelmed and didn’t know how to express it. I struggled to tell people I was actually anxious and that my perfectionist tendencies were making me fall apart at the seams a little. That’s where the expression ‘I’m running in circles’ kicks in. I had managed to … More The Circles?

Nervous Excitement

This was written in the honeymoon phase of starting to university. I was still that keen straight A student who was completely focused on getting into the nitty gritty of studying. Not much had happened as of yet. I hadn’t even sat across the table from some of my current friends in our first class … More Nervous Excitement

Identity Take 1

Back when we started the shared blog on Tumblr, we decided that the readers should get to know us before we started writing. One of the girls tasked us with writing a little blerb about ourselves at the time for our first post. At the time, this is what I thought people should know as … More Identity Take 1